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1 - flexible or rigid wall with a thickness of B = min. 100 mm
2 - plastic pipe, diameter "D" and pipe wall thickness "t";
  with a cable harness inside, diameter 60 mm, consisting of   
  maximum 5  cables with a diameter of not more than 13 mm
3 - Multitube fireproof intumescent tape with dimensions [hxs] placed
  centrally  inside the wall
4 - electrically clamped band or adhesive tape
5 - the gap between the pipe and the partition, width "a", filled with wool
  mineral with a density of min. 60 kg / m3
6 - gypsum mortar with a thickness of g1 = min. 5 mm

* Detailed information can be found at ETA

Read the number of wraps of Multitube fireproof tape from the table below, measure the length of the fireproof tape and cut it with a knife

Wrap the cut piece of the tape around the pipe. Strictly stick to the number of wraps given in Table below