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1 - reinforced concrete floorwith a thickness of B = min. 150 mm
2 - metal pipes with a diameter D1, D2 and a pipe wall thickness t1, t2
2a - plastic pipes with a diameter D4, D5 and a pipe wall thickness of t3, t4
3 - Tubolit PE insulation on metal pipes, thickness "g" (continuous insulation)
4 - small cable, diameter D3, covered with Flame Cabel Coating
  length L = min. 300 mm, thickness a1 = min. 1.2 mm
5 - electrically clamped band or adhesive tape
6 - Multitube fireproof tape [hxs] mm, placed inside the floor, at
  a distance of 15 ± 5 mm from the underside of the floor
7 - Flame Cabel I Paste fireproof paste on metal pipes with PE insulation,
  length L = min. 300 mm and thickness g1 = min. 1.2 mm
8 - the space between the floor and the penetration, filled with
  cement mortar, approx. 25 mm.

* Detailed information can be found at ETA

Read the number of wraps of the Multitube fireproof tape for a given pipe diameter from the table below, measure the appropriate length of the fireproof tape and cut it with a knife

Wrap the cut piece of tape around the bundle of pipes with the cable. Strictly stick to the number of wraps given in the table below