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Where should anti-corrosion coating be used? 

Without proper protection, metals and other materials (e.g. concrete) are exposed to slow deterioration. Corrosion is the greatest threat to them. This process, called rusting in colloquial language, is responsible for the loss of the original structure and durability of individual elements. The development of corrosion is caused by the influence of unfavorable external factors such as: moisture, water, changing temperature, salt or other chemicals. Thanks to the use of appropriate anti-corrosion paints, we can ensure that the painted surface retains its original parameters and impeccable technical condition for a long time. Protecting elements with specialized anti-corrosion products increases the safety of their use, and also contributes to real savings resulting from the lack of the need to perform frequent repairs or even replace them with new ones.

What are the types of anti-corrosion coatings?

Carboline Polska offers various types of anti-corrosion coatings. Among others: heat-resistant, epoxy, acrylic and fire-resistant coatings. You can buy paints intended for the protection of steel elements as well as those made of concrete. Anti-corrosion coatings designed to protect metal are divided into three groups: priming, primer and anti-corrosion.

The first layer of the primer protects the painted surface against new corrosion centers. The application of such paint also causes that small aggregates of rust already developing on the metal are effectively neutralized. The next coat should always be a primer, which makes the anti-corrosion coating stick to the surface better. It also protects it against the ingress of harmful moisture and water vapor. Thanks to such protection, the surface will not be exposed to unfavorable weather conditions, so new rust spots will not appear on it. The highest quality products are modern anticorrosive coating that can be applied even without the use of primer and primer paint. It is possible because they combine the properties of these paints, effectively protecting the surface against corrosion.

Where should anti-corrosion coatings be used?

Anti-corrosive coatings are used both in industry and in households. They are used to protect iron, steel and galvanized surfaces against corrosion. In industry, machines and tools are painted with them, thus ensuring a longer service life. They cover various types of steel structures that are exposed to moisture and water. They are perfect for securing pipelines, bridges, towers, metal roofs and facades. They can also be used to refresh and protect metal fences, furniture and elements of small architecture made of metal.

What should anti-corrosion coating be chosen?

Anti-corrosive coating must match the surface protected with it as much as possible. To protect steel, iron or cast iron, phthalic, chlorinated rubber, polyurethane or epoxy paints will be the best. For the protection of aluminum and galvanized surfaces, it is best to choose a vinyl, polyvinyl, acrylic, acrylic-latex or polyvinyl-latex paint.


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