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What types of fire protection can we make at home?

Fire consumes not only our property, but most of all it is a threat to health and life. It is impossible to predict when it will explode; There is also no one universal method that will guarantee 100% protection against fire. The cause of the fire can be a thunderstorm, a short circuit in the electrical system, accidental ignition of a fire inside the building. We advise what types of fire protection can be used at home.

Passive fire protection at the stage of building.

The choice of construction technology is one of the ways to protect against fire. Wooden houses and frame houses are the most exposed to fire, but also brick buildings are not fully safe. In the case of structures based on wooden elements, special impregnations and methods of wood treatment are used, which hinder ignition and slow down the spread of fire. A similar solution can be used in the case of steel and reinforced concrete structures. Fire protection in the form of preparations matched to the type of materials that we apply to their surface is not everything. It is also worth using fire protection of installation culverts in the form of properly selected for installation passages. At the stage of finishing works, we can choose materials that will hinder the spread of fire, e.g. special fire-resistant adhesives, which are used for assembly purposes, among others. mineral wool, polystyrene, wood and wood-based materials. What's more, there are also special ventilation grilles and door seals, which also protect against the spread of fire.

Why is it worth using fire protection?

Thanks to the protection of building structure elements, it is possible to provide passive fire protection, which has great importance for our health and life. Fire protection slows the spread of fire and smoke, giving you valuable time to leave your home in an emergency. In addition to the use of fire protection, it is also worth investing in modern fire protection systems.


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