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Fireproof gaskets - how should they be used?

Fireproof intumescent gaskets for doors and windows are a peculiar novelty on the fireproofing market. What are they, how do they work and where should they be used? Find out by reading our article!

Fireproof gaskets - application

One of the most important elements of a properly designed fire protection system is a fireproof door. Their task is to prevent the spread of fire by separating the fire zone from other rooms in the building. However, although they are durable and effective in operation, they will not fulfill their function properly if they are not secured with specially designed fireproof gaskets.

Fireproof intumescent gaskets are made of a special raw material based on graphite - the unique properties of this material mean that it increases its volume in contact with high temperature. This is why gaskets made of it swell in a fire, increasing their volume up to 35 times.

How does this influence into fire protection? Well, thanks to the use of fireproof gaskets, the flames stop spreading in the building. Depending on the layout of the rooms, they may also lose access to oxygen, i.e. one of their essential ingredients, and thus decrease or even go out completely.

How are intumescent fireproof gaskets installed?

Fireproof intumescent gaskets can be used both as a supplement to external and internal doors - it is important that they are doors that separate individual rooms. The assembly of the gaskets is simple and does not require any special skills - the bottom side of the material is equipped with a layer of strong adhesive tape, so it is enough to press it to the appropriate place on the frame. However, remember that you should stick them neatly and evenly - otherwise they may not perform their function well enough. It is a good idea to consult their arrangement with a person knowledgeable about fire protection systems in advance.


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