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Fireproof coating for cables

Polish construction law obliges investors to create special fire zones in the buildings. These are spaces that are particularly at risk of fire. Separating them with airtight partitions resistant to hot smoke and fire, a possible fire will not be able to spread to other zones of the building. Should a fire start, the flames and hot gases will be trapped in the fire compartment for a while, giving building users the time necessary to carry out an effective evacuation action. All elements of fire zones are made of special materials with adequate resistance to high temperature, heat radiation, smoke and flames. These are, among others, special walls with increased resistance to these factors, fire doors often equipped with additional mechanisms activated during a fire, thanks to which they open or close automatically, fire-resistant dampers used to cut off the ventilation system, fire curtains that are lowered (similarly to the roller shutters) to the surface of the windows to protect them against destructive fire and modern protection of sewage, water and gas pipes, as well as cable bundles and passages. In today's post, we will present you what it is for and what are the main advantages of the fireproof intumescent coating for protecting cables!

What is fireproof coating for cables?

Coating for cables that we offer is a one-component product that intumesces under the influence of high temperature during a fire, and as a result creates a foamed, fire-retardant thermal insulation layer on the cable surface.

This fireproof coating is a water dispersion of synthetic resin. Thanks to its use, we can effectively protect cables, cable trays, supporting and auxiliary structures for fire barriers or installation passages in buildings against the damaging effects of fire. The application of fireproof coating does not cause major problems, because it is enough to clean the surface of the cables, degrease it, and then paint them with a brush, after covering the adjacent surfaces with a protective tape.

Why do cables and installation penetrations in fire zones have to be protected with fireproof coating?

All cables, cable trays and penetrations of electrical bundles and cables, i.e. places where they penetrate walls with a specific fire resistance, should meet the criteria of fire integrity and insulation. All structural and installation elements in the fire zone must be adequately protected so that they can withstand the fire pressure for a sufficiently long time without the risk of transferring it to the other side, and heat only from the side of the flames. Electrical installations and passageways must be of appropriate fire resistance, thanks to which they will meet certain requirements during a fire. The use of a special one-component intumescent fireproof coating to protect cables will result in the formation of a foamy thermal insulation layer on their surface during a fire due to high temperature. This foamy coating will stop the ignition of the polymeric insulating coating and prevent the spread of flames over the protected surface. An additional advantage of fireproof cable coating is the fact that when it intumesces and increases its volume many times, thanks to which the penetration will be sealed and the fire will stop.


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