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Fire resistance of concrete

Concrete is a building material that offers a high level of protection and fire safety: it is non-flammable, prevents the spread of fire, does not produce any smoke or toxic gases and does not increase the fire load. By itself, it provides very good fire-retardant properties. However, in the case of some building structures, it is necessary to apply additional passive protection. It is necessary, among others, when there is a need to adapt the building to the requirements of R 240. What types of fire protection for concrete can be used?

Additional protection of concrete against fire

To meet the specific requirements of the increased fire protection of concrete, such solutions like:

  • prefabricated elements, the so-called tubings, with the addition of polypropylene PP fibers,

  • fireproof casing made of silicone-cement boards,

  • protecting spray layers.

Our offer includes mainly fireproof mortars / fireproof mortar sprays. The structure is protected by the spraying method.

Fireproof mortar for concrete

Perlifoc fireproof mortar is intended for passive fire protection of, among others, load-bearing concrete elements, composite concrete slabs, flat load-bearing elements made of concrete and profiled steel, etc. The application is carried out with the use of plastering units with a flow chamber, where the mortar is mixed with water. A durable, tight and perfectly adhering to a varied surface is applied in a quick and precise manner.

Perlifoc fireproof mortar is a mixture of light raw materials, perlite and vermiculite with a hydraulic binding agent and modifying additives. The preparation is intended for indoor protection (it should not be used outside due to weather conditions).

Among the various types of concrete protection, spray layers are a method of passive protection against fire, which guarantees high effectiveness and easy application of the preparation.

If you are interested in Perlifoc fireproof mortar, please contact us. Our specialists will provide detailed information on the products we offer and answer all your questions.


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