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1 - flexible wall with a thickness of B ≥ 100 mm

2 - plastic pipe, diameter "D" and pipe wall thickness 

    "T" (see Annexes B and D)

3 - space between the pipe and the wall structure, width a = max.

    30 mm, filled with mineral wool with a density of min. 50 kg / m3

4 - CarboWrap CW fireproof wrap, dimensions [hxs], placed in

    in the middle the cross-section of the wall

5 - gypsum mortar with a thickness of g1 = min. 5 mm

* Detailed information can be found at ETA

Read from  the pipe diameter table below and select the appropriate size of CarboWrap CW fireproof wrap

Wrap CarboWrap CW around the pipe and secure it with the integrated adhesive